Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame


Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

This is a list of some of the signs that you have met your Twin Flame:

  • The meeting is completely unexpected. You were not looking for each other, but there is instant recognition as if you have known this person before, even though you just met. There is an immediate connection.
  • Instant telepathy, not the kind that develops over years of knowing each other well, but immediate upon meeting.
  • Intense attraction to this person even if they are not your usual “type”.
  • The beginning of or increase in psychic abilities.
  • Feeling each other’s emotions and physical symptoms of pain or pleasure.
  • Seeing 11:11 frequently, and the number 11 factors into your meeting in numerology terms, for example my age and H’s when we met added up to 11, his day of birth and mine add up to 11, that kind of thing.
  • Meeting your Twin Flame changes your life forever.
  • You sense that there is something different about this relationship, this isn’t the “normal” romantic relationship.
  • The Twin Flame is your mirror. They will mirror to you everything inside of you that needs to be healed, basically everything in you that is not love. This is why they “trigger” you. And of course this works both ways as you will be their mirror too.
  • You will want to give to this person unconditionally without expecting anything in return. I know for myself, all I wanted to do was give him my love. It wasn’t just a “want”, it was a NEED to give my love to him in any way I could think of. It didn’t really matter if I got it back, I just had to give.
  • You can’t stop thinking about them. It’s like being obsessed with this person, but it’s really not obsession.

There are other signs, but these are the most important ones in my opinion. You can find other lists if you do an online search.


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